Rasyidah Received Gender Champion Award

7/01/20, 07:35 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-01T07:53:31Z

WASATHA.COM, BANDA ACEH - Lecturer of Dakwah and Communication Faculty In Ar-Raniry State Islamic University, Rasyidah receives award Gender Champion. 

That award was given by Gender Study Centre (Pusat Studi Gender), on June 30th. The ceremony of giving award is given at Ar-Raniry State Islamic University. 

Beside Rasyidah, Alyasa Abubakar and Agustin Hanafi both of whom are lectures at that university received the same award.

Both Alyasa Abubakar and Agustin Hanafi, have concern on gender issues in Aceh.

"Thanks to all, to support me. I have it to get the benefit to us," Rasyidah said.

Rasyidah is the head of Islamic Community Development Program at Dakwah and Communication Faculty.

She and other lecturers had fostered women's group in Cot Lame, a district in Aceh Besar. 

Rasyidah lead the women in that district to develop home industry businesses.[]

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  • Rasyidah Received Gender Champion Award


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